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Battery Design - 2020
The battery maintenance tool is easy to use
just follow the instructions.
Battery Calibration
Battery Calibration

What is Battery Calibration

"Battery Calibration" is an application that can be installed on Android smartphones and tablets. This app aims to help users manage their device's battery for better and more accurate performance by displaying battery percentage and extending battery life.

  • Beautiful user interface.
  • Works for non-rooted devices (and other systems).
  • It is easy to use.
  • Battery monitoring service (BETA).
  • Tips to save battery.
  • Includes scripts to grant necessary permissions.

Battery configuration helps to change and adjust battery settings on smart devices. Used to troubleshoot and report incorrect battery percentages or to improve battery performance over time.

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100% customization is recommended.
The app supports both rooted and non-rooted devices!
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App NameBattery Calibration
Updated onAug 31, 2021
Downloads100,000+ downloads
Requires Android7.0 and up
Download Size1 MB

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