Monday, October 2, 2023

Press GO and off you go, roll the dice! Connect with friends, family and business leaders around the world as you explore the vast world of MONOPOLY GO! It's a new way to play MONOPOLY - without collecting game pieces on the floor by flipping the board.



Take a Break

Escape, have fun, dream, plan and follow the modern evolution of MONOPOLY! Let everyone's favorite billionaire, MR MONOPOLY, guide you as you explore new graphics inspired by the world's most famous cities, lands and landmarks.


Enjoy the great experience of the first MONOPOLY game on your phone! Collect resources, build houses and hotels, draw lucky cards and of course, win MONOPOLY money! Choose and play with your favorite game pieces, such as racing cars, big hats, warships and many more, and defeat others along the way!

Check out the MONOPOLY icon as Mr. I, Scottie, Ms. MONOPOLY added powerful new characters!

At your family table!

Help or prevent! You and your friends can easily earn MONOPOLY money through Community Chests and shared events or rob their banks to help you reach the top. You are not guilty!

Collect and trade story-filled posters with family and friends through the MONOPOLY GO Facebook business page. A good and beautiful piece of paper to get a great reward!

Requires Android6.0 and later
Download size224 MB
Downloads+10,000,000 downloads
Release Date04/11/2023
Update date09/21/2023

Application features

  • Buy and build your way to the top

Collect equipment and buildings and upgrade your house into a hotel to earn a higher rent than your friends! All you have to do is click Go!

  • Enjoy the MONOPOLY atmosphere

Roll the dice and enjoy the beautiful MONOPOLY board you know and love as MR. MONOPOLY in iconic locations like dungeons (ugh!), subways, lands, unique game pieces and much more!

  • Play with family and friends

Take care of people! Play with friends and enjoy mini-games like Community Chest, where you can relax, socialize with your friends and put the plan aside.

  • New opportunities every day

Take part in competitions, enjoy amazing prize games Drop plinko and Cash Grab and follow the latest programs to win big rewards. With new events every hour, there are new ways to play and win every day!

MONOPOLY GO! Free game, but some in-game equipment can be purchased for real money. An internet connection is required to play the game.

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the unique game board, the side panels, the MR MONOPOLY name and character, and all unique board, card and game pieces are registered trademarks of HASBRO. Game features and game equipment. Copyright reserved to HASBRO 1935 - 2023.

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