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Block Blast is a fun and interesting building game based on cubes. When you want to have fun and improve your intelligence, they are the perfect choice for you. The purpose of the game is simple and fun at the same time: eliminate as many cubes as possible to get points. Knowing the art of filling in rows or columns will make this an easy puzzle. This cube game gives you a fun and unforgettable experience and helps improve your spatial planning skills and strengthen your intelligence.

Block Blast
Block Blast

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Block Blast has two fun game modes: Classic Block Mode and Block Adventure Mode. They give you a lot of fun and a chance to compete for power. It is not only a simple brain game, but also trains your brain. It is free and can be played offline, making it ideal for fun and entertainment.

Classic Cube Mode: Drag the cubes to the 8×8 grid and collect more cubes in this clever and fun game. The game continues to offer different types of cubes until there are no empty spaces left on the board. Whether you are a puzzle gamer or a beginner, the careful design and gameplay will make you feel good.

Cube Travel Mode: Start a new mode! You will enter a world full of challenges, where you will explore the forest, meet unusual animals, increase your intelligence and expand your vision by solving puzzles and puzzles.

In this cube building game, you will play as follows:

  • Drag and drop the cubes into the 8x8 grid.
  • Rows or columns are enough to collect and eliminate the cubes.
  • When there is no more space on the grid to place more cubes, the game ends.
  • The cubes cannot be rotated, which increases the challenge and uncertainty. This is a test of your ability to solve puzzles, in which you have to cleverly place cubes and get the best arrangement.
Block Blast is an interesting and addictive block game, how to get high score?
Use the space on the board to increase your chances.
Get more points by connecting multiple rows or columns at the same time and breaking records in puzzles!
Configure multiple cube locations in advance, not just the current cube location.
Choose the best place to place the cubes based on their shape.

In this free cube puzzle game, you can stimulate your brain, solve combinations and improve your spatial planning skills, all in a fun puzzle game that you can enjoy offline.

You will also be able to access the new "Combo" game. After completing the row or column of the table, the game is over and you will get a good movie and bonus points. The more combos, the more points. Test your intelligence and train your brain with this fun game that gives you lots of fun.

Features of the cube building game:

  • A great indoor game for all ages.
  • Enjoy puzzle games anytime and anywhere. An offline puzzle game, perfect for wasting time.
  • A free puzzle game in story adventure mode. It is a perfect game for family fun and puzzle experience.

If you are looking for a free block game, Block Blast is the perfect choice for you. Download these free games for all ages and share with your friends and family! It's time to start an unforgettable adventure of building and traveling!

App nameBlock Blast
Requires Android5.0 and later
Update date01/10/2023
Downloads+50,000,000 downloads
Release Date09/23/2022
Download size67 MB
Required operating system versionAndroid OS version 5.0 and later

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