Thursday, October 5, 2023

Photo Studio is a powerful and versatile photo editing application for photographers of all levels. This application has many editing tools to meet different photo editing needs, but it is easy and it is high. Make every photo you take a perfect work of art using a variety of effects, filters and text editing, color enhancement tools and many other ready-to-use features.

Photo Studio PRO
Photo Studio PRO

Photo Studio PRO features

  • More than 200 amazing filters, amazing special effects and good development in image results, plus many different frames to suit every event in your life, and great stickers, textures and styles, like adjusting brightness. color correction, sharpness and aperture enhancement.
  • Use the correction tool to brighten, repair or enhance any part or part of your photo. Use masks to apply filters and effects and select details in your photos.
  • The collection editor allows you to combine multiple photos into a stunning column and decorate them with a variety of frames, styles, custom backgrounds, templates and posters.
  • The magic tool has the following amazing features: Blending function to combine two images using multiple masks, backgrounds and textures, color palette to show the color of a specific image, Clone Stamp to copy something or change it is to delete the background. , an editor to combine images with different shapes, textures and backgrounds.
  • An impressive text editing tool with great fonts, colors, textures and styles designed to create beautiful text on your images.
  • About 50 content packs expand photo editing possibilities with new effects, frames, textures, fonts and templates. Our team is always striving to add amazing features in our quest to be the best photo editor.
App namePhoto Studio
Download size69 MB
Downloads+1,000,000 downloads
التوافقAndroid OS version 6.0 and later
Update date02/10/2023

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